Dream Hold::I'll Never Leave
Starving for a glimpse of you, fighting back for just a second of true.
Untangling knots of deceptions, remembering series of affections.
Sailing through waves of guile, loving you still the same all the while.
Security piled up over the years, strength of wisdom guides our ears.

Are my intentions really true? I want the very best for both of us I do.
At times my best is naught, my affections for you are then but thought.
I really try to pull it all together. you know I'm not just watching the weather.
How important we are today, tomorrow is upon us lest we stray.

Sometimes I wonder if it is really us, or are we just a chill breeze making a fuss.
I might forget how full we can delight, you could overlook me with your loving sight.
My dear, I love so much the time we spend, when I am close with you I can contend.
Doubting our love brings me such pain, accepting our passion I am sane.

Can you believe how long it's been, I must admit that my disbelief is wearing thin.
Storms still rage outside our crowd, without devotion the thunder stings so loud.
Within your nest it's so warm and cozy, I'll never leave, not while it's scented so rosy.
Time does stand still with you and me, within your affectionate arms I will forever be.

I play old love songs while thinking of you, yes, the woman of my awareness with all I do.
Self control rests easy, dreaming our duet, rest assured my darling, forever in your debt.
Living each moment, riding upon your wave, I love you sweetheart, eyes that I crave.
Free from the avarice that collapsed me, I now live within your grace, sip upon your tea.

I wish I could love you without other's doubt, it seems they are only happy when we shout.
What do they always see in us anyway, why is their only goal to see us stray?
Surely we didn't just now tell them to shun, we did not ask for help to be undone.
Our love and trust has grown over the days, we are just now finally free of haze.

I try to make myself exclusive for you, is that what you want me to do?
Is there another way you think I should be? I strive to please you, that's me.
So baby, just who is running this show, sometimes I'm afraid I don't know.
I'm going, not sure where, not sure why, light knows sometimes I just cry.

I make myself vulnerable opening up with you, I had remained closed and blue.
The experiences we share make it worthwhile, everything we do totally in style.
Still we push and pull about simple things, like a couple arguing about old flings.
I love you so much, everthing must be fine, forever in time we echo our love most divine.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes