Dream Hold::Find a Way
Please don't go away, you are all I have my dear.
Can't you stay and play, make the crazy disappear?
Fading into white we go, the others still here for fun.
Now we are what we know, seeing you in winking sun.

Let's really try to hold on, life isn't made to feel alone.
Let's not feel withdrawn, two by two our birds have flown.
Desert cacti is in bloom, a touch of rain from nowhere.
Our happiness in costume, acting with a chance to care.

Supporting each other, sharing love that is real.
Trying to help one another, we change how we feel.
I channel myself all for you, those close will find a way.
Darling dreams will come true, and always they will stay.

While speaking it's you I sense, like we breathe the same air.
We comb our spirits free of suspense, so at least we can repair.
The day tries it's best to spoil, but we both calmly repel.
The night has plenty jiff to spare, relax and slide out of shell.

Listening to your rhythm, following the depth of your waves.
Our hearts share the anthem, our minds bisect the craves.
Propping up my ego's cry, I look for your awareness of me.
No longer do I ask peers why, with you I manifest my glee.

Waiting for nothing, living now, you surround me in ancestry.
Life's spark always knows how, communing with nature is free.
The cold of winter is but a season, the ardor of spring upon us.
In your arms I find all reason, yours to forge into our success.

Hiding from those who ape me, I yearn so deeply for your love.
Seems so many trickers disagree, but with you I bide my dove.
I haven't disowned myself for you, I'm just so proud and loyal.
I'll not do what they think me to do,  you are my queen and royal. 

I love your smiles and banter, I feel so devoted my darling.
Are you our infallible enchanter? To you I emotionally cling.
I try to bring stability to our table, most of our plates are clean.
We are wise, willing, and able, let us prepare our savory cuisine.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes