Dream Hold::Equals
Holding your name to my heart I breathe the love of you.
I need you so much; my earth, sun, and sky all come true.
The caressing of your sweet voice is happiness to my ears.
Seeing you live all of your life as you stroll down the years.

I uphold my love for you even through hurricane and rust.
My mind is divided, no longer myself I submit to your trust.
I am so small; others insist to tell me what I should try to do.
But if I lightly ask for a few moments, I cry for the love of you.

We have traveled from here to Sunday looking for a rainbow.
Even trying to manufacture our own clouds so we could know.
The sky was clear with no red counting plum crescent in sight.
We return to the nature that has kept us together past all plight.

Have it all figured out again, until I forget and cry out your name.
You got me so wrapped up in you that I will never be the same.
My soul serenades with nuptial peals of exaltation for my darling.
Everything coming together like pieces of a puzzle, all quite fitting.

Wake up to sunshine and oranges, a loving gaze into your eyes.
Bare feet on tile, warmth in the heart, with you I'd gladly reprise.
With beautiful rhymes and reasons upon our senses we can dance.
Hands warm, circles we spin, our love has me in the deepest trance.

Good, happy, all the things that make life worth living, I say peace.
Cannot count the many times we've helped each other, we increase.
Channelling myself into loving you, blocking out things like the past.
Keeping quiet in my mind for sanctuary, a haven of silent contrast.

Honesty, I animate the truth of my being to you, fault into pearl.
I take the time to nurture my feelings into bloom for you my girl.
The pleasantries we invent for each other are all fun under the sun.
Minding to be courteous beyond measure our love has surely won.

Wonderous beauty our hearts song has played across our time.
Even through darkness the love that binds us gives another rhyme.
Together our unity sparks rationale between us, an illumination.
Chasing away the dark clouds of confusion that assails our elation.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes