Dream Hold::Dive Into the Eyes
I'm saving every moment of our dream, you and I merging into what we seem.
I am a man really loving what he sees,  darling, you are the queen of my bees.
I am singing songs to change our reality, celestial waves to increase our vitality.
Seasons fly, live the moment my dove, our dance through time, wings to love.

I'm wound so tight round your delight, I shall ascend to your grace, beautiful sight.
Your looks make me looney, my one wish, this heart forever yours, pretty as a dish.
Spacetime curves in the groove of our sway, holding hand in hand, a proud protray.
Here we survive for all bright eyes to see, drawing breath together, loving to be.   

I'm bound so close, to swim in your wake, you know how much I love to partake.
Durable feelings, sociable, drawing such awe, precious to all, my ice does thaw.
My memories of you pivotal to my design, your shape parading into the ultra-fine.
Serious eyes deciding the fate we fly, to share the truth of our passion I cry.

I'm topsy-turvy, your smile moves my mind, seeing is believing, forever love blind.
My attention is captivated by your grace, a beauty that my mind can embrace.
Your voice caresses lightly within my ears, the sound once lost, now fresh tears. 
Crying the love felt when you have me, dancing around our romance now set free.    

I'm lucky that it's you I adore, not myself, you're not just some trophy on my shelf.
These aren't all my ideas brought to the table, you are my greatest part, ever so stable.
Without you I am but a child crying in the rain, where do I begin, how to ascertain?
 Is love a choice made or just going down, I have chosen gold to cast your new crown.

You are not just a carrot that is dangled, the feelings we share are forever entangled.
Each act of goodness a signpost in time, hugs and kisses our clock does chime.
Holding back nothing our star steady shine, relief in knowing our points form a line.
I pour myself into your day, to hear you say, love is the reason you want to stay.

You have seen my despair turn to cheer, forever free now that you are near.
The sun shines between us when apart, the moon pries at our embracing heart.
Together in time our bodies are so near, even from a distance our touch we revere.
Here is a quick call from me to you, I love you my darling, your intent so true.

You must have felt the magnitude of my care, just breathe the word, I'll be right there.
I recite in song, insuring your serenity, I walk and dream to behold your identity.
I love to see you move with such vivacity, in dance your beauty undulates so pretty.
A kiss may I give you on lips or a cheek? can my love of you always remain unique?

You dive into the eyes, smile ends conniption, surface in the mind tied with love's inscription.     
Life now seems fair with your supportive care, I'm a babe within your arms, happily aware.
Marching orders, go straight for the heart, we'll get strapped in, won't pull us apart.
I'm glad you're with me, not just a con, genuine emotion built upon truth, my swan.

You, so ever bright, a mobile bit of living Earth, blessing to the righteous since your birth.
I kid you not, self worth, it's precious gold, all of the treasure in the chest, love to behold.
The twinkle in your eye, sparkle about your pose, the love in your hands, kiss of the rose.
I feel confident knowing we are to a tee, in life's faraway journey we've such a long way to be.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes