Dream Hold::Concise Logic
Glowing softly thinking of you, our past very pleasant to view.
We've so much growing to do, our love is our cure, it's true.

Alone I'd be an empty dream, I won't think to end our regime.  
So with you I smile, wholly beam, yes others, but we're the team.

Eyes unfocused, heart aglow, your charms are spring, melt my snow.
Your lips tell all I need to know, love to follow you, melt into your show.

Looking at things you're what I see, grasping onto the dance of our decree.
Rusty old lock inhibiting me,  please decipher it my synergistic key

The depths of our soul we pioneer, so much of me is much of you my dear.
Share the reward when we volunteer, stay hidden when we disappear. 

it's us always, together and sweet, all happiness to those we greet.
Concise logic bestowed as a treat, love blinded, both of us very discreet.

Never was there devotion so deep, the two of us with such craving to keep.
Sense your flower both awake and asleep. love to climb your walls so steep.

A lifetime to learn to feel and share, in all dimensions I know you're rare.
In this garden, love, we are a pair, and forever, for I will sustain to care.

In the past alone I asked myself why, the reason I'd live gray without dye.
Now I'm with you my shoes are dry, painting the colors within, now we can fly.

Trying so hard to keep you in mind, remember your image with each new find
The treasure is you with all of mankind, your visual sensations so intertwined.

Seems like we really get it done, do exactly what is thought as fun
Never have to doubt if we have won, actress and singer owe just none.

Tears rolling down wanting to beg, touch me darling, crack my egg.
I think desire just went up a peg, trust me lamb, I won't pull your leg.

I ache to caress your summer aura, to like me doesn't make you pandora.
I'd be the dew to settle upon your flora,  the excess we bear is our plenthora.  

I'm so deserted without your care, I crave you so much that you are there.
I know that the world is your affair, if you find the time I'm not beyond repair.

Rain pours down as shines the moon,  I'd either laugh or cry to share your spoon.
Yes I will need you again quite soon,  Hear it within you, the sense of my tune.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes