Dream Hold::Cold River
The pace we are running, no chance for a dream.
Dark horses against us, they're reigning supreme.
Fantasy driven far away, claimants haunting prey.
Abused, we sit quiet, sad, remembering our old way.

Outside presences attempting to engineer our serenity.
Sterile environment, lurid and bland, losing our identity.
Jealousy awash with greed, our sand castle their tide.
Without sanctuary our love crumbles into our pride.

What is there left, now that our alliance is pried apart?
I will not team with anyone who has a liable heart.
Are you still there, distant, should I call your name?
Is the aggravation part of some infidel's incessant game?

Now we but stare at each other across a cold river.
The love we once shared old smoke or chilled shiver.
What of you? with allies strong, snow shovelled by?
I've no reason to feel emotion, someone else's high.

Anonymous people attempting to pretend to be you.
I will not court with counterfeits, trust only what is true.
My fight is with my inner self, not one who has me proud.
Old tree in the forest is fallen, slowly rots, moss shroud.

Wrestling minds seek chaos over the simplest love.
Child's laughter un-nerving to their weighted glove.
Guess what manufacture our love to be must face
No fantasy I should have with the beauty I can trace.

Is now love to be gone from every sacred abode?
Or only from my heart saving you for another road.
My love for you so consumning that others cannot play?
Without witnessing flocks of birds, flying for our day.

Where is the fun to be had with a man who holds no doubt?
No fallow breath is drawn to hold adversity, who is without?
Through tyranny and shame I continue to uphold admiration.
Across the river I will share love, dispensing with imitation.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes