Delicate Eyes::Your Next Smile
Iím waiting baby, for your next smile, you know itís been awhile, let me be your sweetheart.
Iím such a crybaby, weíre still in style, our love is very worthwhile, hearts never words apart.

I settled into your routine such a long time ago. Upon my lips you are here, kisses still aglow.
Our hearts make a wager, together we can win, the pulse behind our minds using the same skin.
Sharing with the people that we love to know, shall we approve of our desires, our inner glow?
The paths we walk on with footsteps behind, look, you can see our tracks together, they remind.

Yes darling, this crazy game being played, I donít see the rules but with you Iím not dismayed.
What if love has been like us in the past? Do we act out the same moves today as if life is cast?
Are we the ones who have carried the day? Or do we follow people who have had more to say?
Inside Iím only what I can feel about you, what words would ever make us more real except I do.

Count all the gears that make time slip away. Ticking in my ears, something I need to say.
I massage your mind with rosebud prose, launching a feeling so great that it still glows.
I want to sense you near me the rest of my life, keeping my heart company, my darling wife.
The trees thrive, grow up into the mist, reaching for forest canopy light, they canít resist.

Sweet cheeks, even though Iíve said it all before, Iím still always willing to establish a rapport.
I crave to tell myself that you are my only one, of all of the fish in the sea only we seek the sun.
The emptiness I always knew love would heal, is now your warm eyes smile, my beauty ideal.
Only you set me free, I love all that you do, our hearts, our minds, the clothes that we debut.

Final Chorus
Iím staying baby, now I have a smile, I think Iíll groove awhile, love always being so smart.
It was never maybe, right down the aisle, weíre not going single file, emotion way off the chart.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes