Delicate Eyes::Breath of Our Design
I cry for the rhythm we share, the beating of our heart, our breath of air.
I hold dear feelings so true, a tear for each little bit, the love look of you.

In the shadow dark of your eyes shines a light wearing no disguise.
And the color of your cheek brings tears of want for the bird to land.  
Darling please play your life as happy as a girl can be dancing in light.
Know every motion you grace upon these lands is love never undone.

The smile that finds itself upon your lips is a blessing to all of my woes.
Uncertainty drifts away from my unsure sense of play at what you award.
Sun sets and my mind goes to sleep, it was always there for you to keep.
Upholding silence so your brightest dreams can still be born from the sea.

The walking curves of your motion warm my eyes with tanned devotion.
And the bouncy kisses of your affections calms the sound of our noon ply.
Sweet words felt in your caresses warm my heart and chase away the pyre.
Tell me you love me warm and deep into an ear, for you darling Iím all here.

When your light is stolen from the depths of my mind and I feel so very alone.
I try to care cause I love a lot, my breath awakened to where it can grow.
To girl I remember always behind me in the little things that I brave to do,
Here the words between us are so pure: trust, confidence, and a humor mature. 

The love look of you...

© 2007 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes