Delicate Eyes::Song Made Pure
When I look at you I stop complaining, my mind filled with awe
My instincts react and I quietly support the beauty that you draw.
When I lose sight of you I feel so misguided, your looks are my cure. 
You are the beating of my heart, the freedom in our song made pure.

I want to open your door, shovel your snow, be your entrepreneur.
To bake your bread would be my lifeís thread, yes, I would feel sure.
Donít feel like Iím laying the road just ahead of you stone by stone.
I walk beside, share every bump, read again what was already shown.

Funny how we owe our lives to times and places lost throughout the ages.
Perhaps itís not the place but the purpose that keeps us unwinding pages.
Not chasing after fireflies I relax my eyes upon the beauty of your grace.
The miracle of our meeting shines within my heart like red roses in a vase.

My life was parched then I stumbled upon your trace, an oasis in the desert.
Bare feet dance on the sand, hip scarf and skirt swishing, a sexy smile flirt
Please, let me provide you the beat, I can pluck with a side of drum and flute.
Iíll comb the air of false despair leaving everyone with a feeling of good repute.

Our shoes have saved us more than once these many chances, a sole revival.
The trails we wander littered with many sharp stones, makes for a late arrival. 
With ancient sandals upon our feet, we comb for new feelings running deep.
Walking with smiles that lift our heels, itís good that we have love to keep.

A lot of mistakes these fingers have made, I am not perfect by any means.
We claw upwards to a better life only to have goodness rubbed from the scenes.
My memory is as tight as words etched into stone, thus your beauty is tinted.
Breath sprouts from my heart hearing your darling whisper, now love is hinted.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes