Delicate Eyes::Breath of Our Design
I want to chain your darling trace to my vision; Iíd like to breathe near your space, less supervision.
The blinding glint shows all, if youíd like Iíll wait until the fall, to look inside myself and color a small revision.

What is left to say, my forever, except I love you all over and all over again.
You have tamed me like a lion my dove, I prance for you, sign with your pen.
I am a hammer, chisel and sound, the words upon the rock face, read to the left
Each letter is written in your hand, the words we understand, mighty is each cleft. 

I like to rest my voice upon your gauge; itís your style that I have to chase, love, turn the page
The lap of a wave says it all, if youíd like Iíll paint the wall, to look around, try to figure into our age.

The world is a big place, my fair, with you I walk even if our prints are in sand.
Our past may for awhile disappear, a ghost I wonder of us and try to understand.
I am provider, worker, and sound, my devotion waits for your sweetest demand.
Each chore is ended with peals of the bell that is my heart, ringing over your land.

Each smile that we share certainly is tradition; what lives we can live since our array has definition
Love, the safe harbor for all, darling dear I bring no brawl, to look into your eyes, inspires my ambition.

Iíve been trying all my life to get it right, combing the shifting colors into reason.
Itís not enough for us just to be alive, we must survive far into the next season.
We carry the smile we share in the sounds and visions that we wear like clothes.
The wind in our hair says that we are already there, love is the moment in pose.

Life transcending words, in pure emotion, the sounding of hearts, speak upon ripples in the light

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes