Delicate Eyes::Please Darling
One second and the scenes are changed, from celebrity and fame to alliance.
Extending my hand in grace, my civility becomes her, she pens the science.
A yearning for the familiar, the desire to share a feeling, please darling, all anew,
A trail of clocks lay scattered behind, as we dance with the knowledge said true.

Where is the love if my mind canít perceive you? My vision is soothed by your smile.
I do walk through ordered memory trying to recall you, our faith keeps me worthwhile.
Iím happy baby, knowing my own tale, even if it seems like Iím far too full of vanity.
If I were to fan for you within the realm of anotherís drama what then dear of my sanity?

Darling, more than a wink and smile, you resound so sweetly throughout my avid preserve.
I am pure silence, only listening for you, eyes resting easy, longing to trace your curve.
I walk through the forest looking for a tree that reminds me of you, my cheek upon bough.
People grow in their own time then join together to live in unison, merging lessons into now.

When my mind slips off into dreamland I will reach out for you, free with the world embrace.
The time becomes right, the sun lifts from the horizon into the sky, smiles, love and pink lace.
Words have no meaning when hearts pulse together, relax into the sharing of life sustaining.
Pure silent grace is flown across the mountains and seas, a host of good feelings regaining.

Itís the simplest thing, like a horseís nicker, we only have so much time in which to say
The words you hear coming from me, even though worlds apart, still in the spirit of play.
I crave you beyond vision and dream, walls crumble into ancient borders, as kisses taste sweet
Itís no secret, the way I sing your name, with you I learned the song of love, caresses I repeat.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes