Delicate Eyes::Nearly the Same
I listen to the waves for your name, my love with you nearly the same
Your clear persona washes up to me, memory shook loose from the sea, I hope you feel free.

Let mind wander around life’s divine, look for things both light and bright.
The legs that carry me are not only mine, I step with them into right with delight.
We know this, it’s obvious that we share. Here is our method in prose my rose. 
Oh my, it seems that I already care, love is more than “suppose” on electric toes.

The maps of the lands I can see with my sight, border lines that look like vines.
The curves change color, lime to white, there can be declines in the outlines.
What once was sharp and vibrant to the day, can blur and disappear to sheer.
The memory of another can fade to grey, like a sunrise, clean and new is near and dear.

I weave your heartbeats upon my breast, the vital “you”, our eyes beam with esteem.
I only dance at my darling’s request, depending on how we seem, our living theme.
Singing voices beckon all to reach for the top, is my footing sound, our love profound?
It’s not just that my love for you won’t stop, here good feelings do abound all around.

I ache to hug and caress, my heart the mess, ode to decorate the urn with love’s concern.
Peaches peeled, dripping with success, sweet is the reward for deciding to return to learn.
Standing in the middle, the wonder of you, I can’t wait to see what you are going to do.
I couldn’t have guessed how our love grew, together again we can make a true debut.

I love to reflect your glee

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes