Delicate Eyes::Let's Put Our Words Away
Within my arms I can hold you, shield you from the day
How can we be twice as honest? Letís put our words away.

I know we never really win the game, even if we think itís so       
You know another pronoun will claim a better way to grow.         
Our hearts may shine of each other like the sun and the moon.        
Still we must work with others and you know weíre not immune.     

Itís the game of love that I play with you, Iím as serious as a smile.
I like to keep you in my court so I can enjoy the variety of your style.
I know you canít be near me each second, but Iíll tell you what is true.
When I do happen to glace at another woman Iím still thinking about you.

I hope the world is patient enough with me to let me love you.
And I hope that you have the freedom to see your plans through.
Life on this planet with itís never ending toil, so much is spoiled.
Itís a whole lot tougher to live when love is torn, all plans are foiled.

Those crazy times, it seems like it all happened so very long ago            
But we know it was only yesterday, weíre still healing as we grow.
Sitting here re-living my entire life as I love you from head to toe.
Good feelings, some sad, but content that weíve shared a warm hello.

Final Chorus
Yes, my eyes I love to see you, there are so many things you say,
We know each other cover to cover, letís put our words away. 

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes