Delicate Eyes::In an Empty Locket
Thereís a legend in an empty locket, its imagination waiting to be fulfilled.
Itís a pretty picture not yet taken of your auburn hair that is shoulder spilled.
My love if one day you could notice me perhaps then you would approve my ways. 
I keep the faith weíll find a camera to fill your necklace with our loving days.   

Eyes and ears watching, listening for the lips and mascara of an innocent laugh.
Attraction blooms as she fills the room with color and grace, peace for sandals and staff.
I find my spirit clean to live right, gone is the doom of the lonely night, effects within.
I feel her hand super-imposed over mine, our hearts probably keeping time, to begin.

My mind as still as a bird soaring in the sky, and my wings slowly wave of her.
It is her line of thought that I share, the vital heartthrob essence that makes us stir.
My strings are tuned to her keys, my legs walk with her motion, she is my potion.
Our debate is bare, peaceful like the evening sky teal blue, cool touch of the ocean.

Love isnít something I expect, itís something I sustain, I keep it going, network our souls.
Our emotion isnít something we invented, always with us, it was before, and forever rolls.
But the embrace we remember, like two birds taking wing, didnít take off until we decided.
Now the moments happen like two people in love, working together, well being provided.

I like to act like we are willing to see through the ages, meditate beyond today, chant in awe.
Itís not myself I would see, but the light from our past that looks into our future, natural law.
Forever I love to embrace you, live to hold you close as can be, savor the scent of your hair.
Pure water pouring, only for you, a clear vision lovely, the beauty of the clothes you wear.

Final Chorus
Thereís a legend of an empty locket, whose imagination had been fulfilled.
A pretty picture that had been taken of him caressing auburn hair that was shoulder spilled.
His love, one day she took notice of him, she surely fell in love with his ways. 
He kept the faith and they found a camera to fill her necklace with the rest of their loving days.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes