Delicate Eyes::Color That Is You
There is a color that is you, then you smile and now that color is new.

The door of love opens and closes, only the brave may pass through
I stand on the threshold calling for you to join me now, our time is due.
We can still learn from the oldest stories even in the here and now.
When it comes to love, I know it was you dear Ö who taught me how.

When you see me crying donít feel sad, Iím doing something right.
My love has often been without choice and mostly based on sight.
So when I cling to you like a ring to its diamond, so glad we agree. 
Itís you my darling, the light in my heart, let us set our spirits free.

Yes, itís been you, Iíve been trying, I think I know what love is for.
Itís the cure for an aching heart that was wondering why it was sore.
Broken hearts wonít listen when you try to help steer them right.
Itís only when they feel justice that they finally rest from plight.

I hold an image of a rose in my mindís eye for the love we keep.
Like your ruby lips the smell is sweetness from dawn to nightís sleep.
My love, you are like the last piece of a puzzle, gently pops into place.
Look,so picture perfect,an end to a new beginning,Ö our first embrace.

Final Chorus
There is a color that is you, and when you smile that color is all you.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes