Delicate Eyes::Breath of Our Design
The weather has been fine, been counting up whatís yours and mine.
You are my feature film at nine, and sustain the breath of our design.

Like the earth under my feet you never let me fall.
Way before getting prompted to be lonely I can call.
Woman, the path before us is open, letís give it our all.
Life will just go on without us, ignore the power stall.

You wonít let the weeds in your garden continue to grow.
The voices of suggestion deserve a similar fate you know.
Struggling with egos, juggling apples, the bruise youíll owe.
We donít wait for luck to insure we still share our glow.

Letís have the dance of life include us on its merry way.
There is a certain song that Iíve always wanted to sway.
Side by side our arms keep us together to the music play.
At songís end weíve a hug and a kiss to remember the day.

Just a glance my darling is all I need to win, say ďcheeseĒ.
Itís not all for me, I try all I can, to make it you, who I please.
Through the lazy winter I flip though pictures, of your tease.
Your smile keeps me coming back for more of the guarantees.

Final Chorus
You know dear I think youíre fine, been hoping that you call me mine.
Been wishing since I was nine, to be the object of one womanís design.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes