Cool Fidelity::You Are Flower
I dream of you night and day, you shine into my heart like the moon.
Your eyes, shadowed dark shades of blue, dip into night's ink like a spoon.                  
Words fall away, my instincts flutter into your lap, all sight upon your tune.
You line my future with color, in the chains of a woman's moments, your festoon.

Cobwebs have formed within my mind, please dear, would you shoo them away.
I try to make a real stand for us, you and I, with the love that we share today.                     
We wont fail, our love we can trust, two lifetimes of moments we have to say.
My world would be lonely without our delight arranged like flowers in a bouquet.

You wrap around my mind like carefully crafted paper doll cutouts worn like a crown.
Sweet as mangos, tart as a lime, and you are pretty as a peach robed in a velvet gown.           
Intention slips away, my heart aches for you, let me take up your hands, kiss away any frown.
As free as the birds in the sky, our feelings soar upon sun and wind, each birdcall renowned. 

The visions I have of you are pure water, I thank you dear, youre what is right with me.
You are my smiles darling, I put my ear to your heart, love is a personal silent decree.      
Your cool touch puts out the fire in my mind, our hearts now one of a kind, my queen bee.
I'm chasing our love across the sky, down the rivers, out to the sea, our vim reigns free.

You are the landscaping of bulbs and trees that have been rooted amongst my wit.
I see your beauty everywhere, your waterfall crashes into my eyes, life now seems fit.            
You are flower and I play bee, wings beyond word, amidst nectar laden petals I flit.
Paradise is our spirit thriving as one, both of our loves merged forever, never to quit. 

As we dance life falls about us, but not for the lack of want, I hold tight through the years.
This place we have found, carved out of heartbeats and feelings, the two of us and our ears.
The favors we have returned, the new voices we have learned, all the shifting of lifes gears.
Everything right inside our circle, real wishes come true, and our love, it is at it appears.

I play the air between us, persuading ruby lips to smile, insisting our spry fingers graze.
Another day of life passes beneath our spirits as we keep our love with us, an ark of ways.
I want to feel that undying love for your sense of red rose grace, may you ever amaze. 
I was charmed by your smile so long ago, when you are with me, I love how our spirit plays.

Two people join together to make one, far stronger than the two would be alone. 
The first day I noticed you as a woman, I felt a kind of love that I had never known. 
I do turn to you today and I remain thankful you see the many ways our love has flown.
Darling, your seed has sprouted within my feelings, our tree of life now forever grown. 

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes