Cool Fidelity::Warm Shade of Blue
The motion of emotion, canít stop it, and canít slow it down.
Like a wave crashing over the reef love changes into sound.
For a time life is a vibration through the air, ringing of I do. 
New steps to take, different than the past, a warm shade of blue.

Are we seeking for what we already have because we cannot recognize the voice?
There is neither food nor rest at the top of a mountain, we climbed there by choice.

Darling, life is defined between you and I, we are the winning side.
I try to understand the people, have a sense for what piques their pride.
I always know I can do no wrong loving you, my flower, my dove.
Constellation Orion will change its prey, still I uphold our inmost love.

Our heart dance began before we were born, I love you, I love you, 
We are doing all a woman and a man can do, my love is for you
Our minds have each other, like we climb our tree of life together.
We laugh and cry, triumph and sigh, keep our eye on the weather.

All life is connected, talk to the ants and bees, thatís exactly how they go.
The fabric of our lives is woven, your blue upon my white, sharing the glow.
Hiding in the thicket beside the river are spirits of love and strong desire.
Standing in the trees I longingly gaze upon the warm curves of your attire.

What freedom is there without you? If I am alone there is nothing to do
No path to walk, no mountain to climb, no woman to die for, no life anew.
It is plain and simple, I share spirit with you, surfing waves into a new time.
From bronze to steel our age come true, its mark upon tear drenched rhyme.

I mourn the passing of summer, but ache for the harvest of ripened seed.
Our lips hold the future as much as our hands, the kisses of autumn need.
I cling to you darling, and gladly farm for our food, the pure act of survival.
Another grower synthesizing natureís food, mankindís continuous revival.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes