Cool Fidelity::Times of Quiet
Woman, do you know how much I rely on the life of you?
The question I love to pose while resting sense upon view.
Muttered breakings of oaths cannot pluck you from my side.
Because of this righteous thing that together we can provide.

I crave for times of quiet, caressing what is seeming,
You are my love diet, dearest part of my redeeming.

I canít dismiss my feelings, though discouraged I wonít give in
My love of you so smooth, I trust passion rekindled will begin
I canít see you around the corner, but I trust you will be there
Itís not easy walking this path I am on, signs always so rare.

I honor you, want to share your ways, try to boost how your spirit plays.
My heart speaks the language of love and your word is always its craze.
I see your way of life is honest and I want to try to live that way as well.
I love to admit my desire to span life with you has caused my being to jell.

I bare my heart for you, like Iíve said, I would share with you this tumbled life.
No one moves me like you, I adore you through and through, be my wife.
It sure seems like others are against our tryst, but baby to me you are best.
Our love grows stronger everyday, even when it rains, we sustain, no contest.

The time we spend thinking good thoughts of each other is water in our well.
Helping each other with positive pathways gets us through the worldís spell.
Like a gentlemanís coat in the mud let me hold dear my mindís salute for you.
Shine my love, beam your biggest smile, the gate is now open, maybe pass through.

Dearest heart, Iíll be dreamingÖ

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes