Cool Fidelity::Nature's Goods
The east coast weather is so strong, where the rain and snow seem to belong
And that summer sun blinding as can be, pours into waves of the Atlantic sea.

Iím going back home to baby, Iíve played too long in the street.
Please doll, hold the door open, your loving arms are my retreat.

Down the mountainsides the streams roar, waterfalls every ten miles or more.
Bears break open rotted trunks finding ants, deer peacefully munch on plants. 

Bees probe over the spring paw paw, the beauty of the mountain rains awe.
I wouldn't be a man without the woods, my spirit rests within nature's goods.

Hiking up to what's left of the winter snow, I spy wildflowers blooming on a plateau.
I make my way closer to the highlands, weaving my way through the tree stands.

Iím picking a fine bouquet of flowers, I mean Iíve been wanting to for hours.
Each color selected is really the best, Iím sure darling will take care of the rest.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes