Cool Fidelity::Maudlin Heights
Count the stars still shining, all the places that they know.
Every life has a silver lining, in silent dark each form does glow.

You carry the anxious awe, our kiss as tree seed touches ground.
Late night, lamb on the straw, senses delve the lush earthen mound.

Darling relates rice on the plate, nourishing looks her emerging eyes.
Dripping water music on slate, the mother ear judging baby's cries.

The dark space between the stars, twinkles into life amid your arms.
I will hold you until we become ours, forever in love with your charms.

Roar of the first thought at dawn, pushing against the depths of night
Beauty ever remembered once drawn, stories told invoke vision sight.         

Two surfing consciousness waves, hoping the other catches infinity.
The love in her kiss is why he behaves, so right it piques the vicinity.          

An introspective walk after sundown, with very little time left to see.
Our relationship is my beloved crown. Darling, your serene honey bee.

The balances kept within the mind, is this water cold enough to drink?
She's my pretty flower forever kind, with her pert love moves in sync.

Let me cry tears wishing for you, each droplet is born from the eyelash,
bursting forth to unroll below the view, onto your dress they quietly splash.

The lightest rain still crowds the dam, like a whisper can carry for miles.
The coldest heart unlocked by a lamb, biggest of dreams awash with smiles.

The cool slow river of August, carries the burn of our toes away
Our hands play in the dust, drawing our flirt upon skin with clay.

Together, keeping the spirit free, in a house on land high in demand.
Looking out the windows to see, within these walls we make a stand.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes