Cool Fidelity::Lipstick Air
I'm moving life to your side of the street, 
Darling, Iím loving you with all that I do.
The light of your wit is in sync with mine.
Together may our days unravel to sustain.                                                    

Your lipstick air is so incredibly sweet.
Iíll share a smooch before your scant adieu.
If a kiss is all that I find still you are all sunshine. 
Show bird, be free, you can fly from the rain.

Itís my nose against your rose for the treat.
A note to my dear, take my heart and subdue.
Honestly love Iím all through, itís with you I resign.
I settle for your trusting hands, itís all very plain.

As I promised I keep our love discreet.
No one knows how very much I adore you.
I whisper to the stars, may our lives intertwine.
The caper between sun and moon evens our domain

Itís within your arms that I find perfect retreat.
Our caresses are soft and warm like shampoo.
Baby let me soothe you up and down your spine.
Letís put the hourglass on its side, break the chain.

This is love, the feeling of being complete.
I was cut off from my feelings, but now I am true.
I needed help to mature, for you a peace sign.
That world, it shattered my belief, yet we remain.

Our childrenís children abide on our concrete.
Each time I experience you my life is made anew.
Hearts throb as one, our bodies in spirit combine.
In dream darling your love heals, rise up and reign.

Our health partying on the whole grains we eat.
The kisses of your eyes give my soul a tattoo.
How can I love what to me is so naturally divine.
I fear if I pick you my flower only dust will remain.

No one can overhear the tour of your veiled feet.
So with your brightest emotion go make your debut.
I stand proud at your moment watching your design.
Give the world your smile my love, see what you attain.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes