Cool Fidelity::Life Is Emotion
The clouds just break open and pour down rain, desert flowers bloom, birds flit nigh the domain.
Darling steps down and out of a cumulus storm, her loving eyes upon smile make my world warm.

Walk, and feel my breath upon your hip, the water is now pure, take a sip. 
All dressed up in the color of rose, to peace dance in online clothes.

Our hearts are not fooled by a play on words, letís spirit fly, love will be soaring in the air with the birds,
Darling, turn the key to melt the freezing of our hope, once we feel comfortable, Iím sure we can cope.

I know I have gotten close, I even feel kind of sad. But there is just no way that our love is a passing fad.
At the depth of our roots pure inspiration is born.  Society thinks and fits how we feel, it mends whatís torn.

I want to laugh, I need to cry, I may be a little shy, but my love is as big as the sun, and time doesnít apply.
Like a butterfly I donít wonder where I will land, like a wave it doesnít matter how I re-arrange the sand.

Planning isnít needed when missing girlfriend, love now a prize in the eyes, a letter sweetly penned.
Taking lifeís journey upon the tip of the quill, our love sheís the ocean, upon her waves we sail with skill.

With deft hands she cures my broken heart, my love of all time, her bonny kiss both sweet and tart.
Iím all hers, sheís all mine, our love is so fine, itís an old story, we love to tell it, the end is divine.

A young boy gazes at the fullness of a dame. Her walk, the bounce, forever now sheíll feed his flame.
The warmth of your soul, sharing of our life, with the sound of breaking glass, perhaps my loving wife.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes