Cool Fidelity::I Play My Part
Iím staying put, not moving from this place.
Within these walls I find plenty of space.
The window is my door into infinite chase.
The world and more I gain with your grace.

Iíve taken to you, taken to you, with all my heart.
I cross the bridge, cross the bridge, I play my part.

The clouds are my sailing ship, the birds my crew.
My glory is in tacking opposing winds to reach you.
When sails are slack the crew propels with wing.
To pilot my dreamboat I rest eyes upon her and sing.

I donít wander in my mind trying to net my sweet.
I find you upon a choirís choral seat in pose petite,
Entertaining us while munching on red globe grapes.
My heartbeat caresses your many wondrous shapes.

Gazing upon the midnight sky pondering our fate.
The starís twinkle in your eye answers with debate.
How we feel about people is the living of the life.
Survive twists of urgency, from bread to new wife.

My take on the situation demands a second look.
Yes, dear, itís obvious, my world has been shook.
Itís ok, you know, the way I was going was just so.
With you itís eyes open, with a future, life can go.

Well pumpkin pie the sun still shines in the sky.
Somehow weíve managed to keep our socks dry.
When the big mama clouds come rolling down.
Within our arms, hand in hand, you are my crown.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes