Cool Fidelity::Ever This Way
It's just love, and I'm so glad that we know which side we are on.
Ever this way, but even today I am amazed how we have been drawn.
Between us, at times I need you to rescue me, I’m reduced to a pawn.
Life is real, and we will dance and sing as we take the con.

It's just love, you can read my mind, dear, we share the only thought.
Ever this way, I can't imagine another day, for this one we have fought.
Between us, darling, I will never ever drift away from who I have sought.
Life is real, I never made the rules, we can live by them, they’re not forgot.

It's just love, and we smile as we care, the day's good deeds never done.
Ever this way, nature embraces us with each instinct we control for fun.
Between us, let's show off to all of our friends, see how the day is won.
Life is real, each little field of focus dances on its own, avoiding the sun. 

It's just love, and once it gets started no longer do we wander the halls.
Ever this way, I use my prance, darling, to entertain you within my walls.
Between us, the excitement grows, the sensation that is unleashed enthralls.
Life is real, it's nurtured, shared and offered to those whose technology crawls.

It's just love, and ours isn't up for bid, a story that is never through.
Ever this way, but not on auto-pilot, each day I try to do something new.
Between us, now that we have each other I want to love only you.
Life is real, darling, just you and I, we sing for our health, and to be true.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes