Cool Fidelity::Escapades With Life
The world, you could walk it forever, gathering your grapes as you go.
Just you and the grass staining your bare feet, with the future in tow.
The shade of the trees in the afternoon is the only scene on your plateau.
The rays of the setting sun trace down a trunk that is both support and hello.

The bright stars of the warm summer night shimmer an invitation to dream.
Out of the darkness you walk down a damp dock, stopping to buy bream.
Up from the harbor you hurry, worried that the rain will overflow your stream.
In sleep every puff of wind, each droplet of water is as real as it would seem.

The first written word of mankind was probably how many clouds drifted by.
I try to be good, by the book, I have to live life, I need to love you, that is why.
So when those love hints keep blooming non-stop, sensations for your supply,
I won't try to imitate someone else to fool you like some kind of love spy.

People walking every possible angle upon sidewalks leading off into the night.
No sign of passing except the echos of the soles left down like dust in a light.
The patterns in the sprinkle disappear as the shoes wake to walk with delight.
Your sandals have the brightest tracks, miles can be traced of your past flight.

The skyscraper horizon begs for your logic, it so wants for you to be resident.
Focus bubbles to the top like people in elevators stepping off into the present.
A warm breeze through the window carries with it the enticement of city scent.
A slice of infinity is your perfume, from miles away I can hear it walf content.

If I want respect then I must show credit, it's a two way street to a goal.
But there are those, for me to be regarded, insist that I give up my only soul.
I play into the eternal, let no thought but good come before me, mind patrol.
My spirit loves to wrap around the world with visions of you, total self control.

The best made plans are heard by all ears, enacting change, anoint the door.
Here comes a fresh cloud bringing new rain, roof still keeps mist from the floor.
I watch from mirrored windows for signs that you can finally see all my decor.
You breeze though my worst moments with the love and grace of all that I adore.

Let the water erode the mountain, in a million years we walk upon it's sand.
Why do we live just our own lifetimes, we could help the future make a stand.
Like water we take the path of least resistance, becoming the river for the land.
The crust of the Earth buckles and moves, a new picture from space that is grand.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes