Cool Fidelity::A Touch of Your Attraction
Asleep, I was dreaming of you, back when your hair was long,
Remember the perfume you wore, the aroma that does belong.
In the dream I could breathe it like we were still standing there.
You are just as beautiful as you were back then my lady fair.    

A touch of your attraction to put a sparkle upon my day
Take these memories of mine and dance a sweet ballet.

Do you recall my honey dew, back before you had taken hold.
Iíd fall headlong into lonely traps, youíd spin my tears into gold.
Oh the sobs I would let go, then I'd share our heartbeat as kin.
Because when you are busy all I can do is feel you from within.

The day I fell in love with you, I heard your inner voice say,
Something like waiting for a change, or living a different way.
I felt a golden glow around my heart, I had never felt so good.
The feeling didnít last forever, but Iíll never forget how we stood.

After the day I became yours, no matter how hard I tried
Even with your picture everywhere, I couldnít feel us collide.
It took years of patient training, in the etiquette of spirit embrace
Before I finally again loved you, in the colors of your celestial grace.
Now I hold on to our ideal, the paradigm we know between us
Breathing with a bit of the old, walking out of the night with a plus.
Hoping beyond real that you trust, the way that I love to feel for you
Iím so glad my heart can adjust, and now my life lives for you.

With you I love every minute, take my hands so exposed.
I feel like I visit in every picture, our bodies superimposed.
Like eagles I need no other, no choice need be made sweet nest.
I donít argue oranges about it, there is nothing else I do best.

© 2006 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes