Chronological Harmonics::Your Care
The tapestry that is my life tatters, falls apart, without your care.
Your love hit me like a ton of bricks, stole my heart, changed my air.
Your recipe for love is so very rich, always smart, who could compare?
You open my eyes to the light of love, like fine art, you have the flair.

People gather, open to beginnings, thought in motion, dance of light.
Gesture remains even, balanced, a centered notion, inspiration taking flight.
Wings of energy fly ever upward, possibility ocean,  heart's quest for right.
Helping the moment feel better, veritable devotion, focus the usual into bright.

Opening a moment with love, feel for you, timid, I gratefully cling.
My words a murmur in your ear, the clasp you imbue, hear me sing.
The world goes quiet in sleep, sun gets an adieu,  our union a real thing.
The night is still young for us, affections anew, gently winding our spring.

Dancing through the vibrant crowd, with plenty hello, your looks are infinite.
Your smile paints the moon in the sky, I can't let it go, your polish just so legit.
The things you know astound me, my fast your slow, conversation doesn't quit.
Our minds together will easily win, boat we can row,  upon waters moonlit.

Being protected in the deep of the sea, with what we seek, our love is strong.
A way of life free from deceit, can't break our streak, to us we belong.
I feel as if you need me, even if I am meek, I've come along.
I have the deepest respect for you, woman whom I speak, alive in my song.

Eagles breath deep and together, at peace with pride, as crows disdain.
Love, after the light has flown, we are inside, devotion we retain.
Slow wave glides up the beach, enjoy the tide, only we remain.
My darling you are such a treat, you be our guide, keep all we contain.  

Beautiful, from summer to spring, our time so sweet, proud loving dream.
We live within the breath of the stars,  grass into wheat, things are as they seem.
Our planet seen both blue and bright, from an orbital street, on a light beam.
To be able to communicate our delight, lightspeed feat, I echo your theme.

I replay the thoughts of love I have for you, in tears I ache, give hunger bread.
Fear drives me to feel desperation, you are no mistake, no one else in your stead.
Only your cool touch can heal me, yours to take,  I had been misled.
My world is always yours to know, for our sake, in your care I tread.  

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes