Chronological Harmonics::Walking So Fast
Look at my love so happy and warm, she says all I need to hear.
She always keeps that free space beside her just for me, my dear.       
I'm such a mess, missing my mind, I have to have her right here.
If that isn't enough, she is my birds and bees, and all things I revere.

Baby, shake my brain loose from the funk I fell into, right my wrong.
I won't live without you, life with you feels good, please sing our song. 
Everyone has something they chase, I've been running with you so long.
I can more than imagine where we have been, easy dream that we belong.

The more I love her the more I fly, everytime I remember her I know why.
I know why I love her, share her spirit with mine, a decision I made to try. 
Our passion is in time, we are always with our rhyme, steps are so sweet.
If I have made her happy, life knows I've tried, she is my world so complete.

You have me going, the speed of sound, walking so fast, sharing my crown.
Compress truth into a sphere, orbit the body of life, facts flying renown. 
I'll wait forever until you grace me with the love that only you can give.
Then for all time we will dine with a smile in our hearts to know we live.

I feel her smile across time and space, pretty please one more embrace,
I trust that she finds me appropriate and true, to dance with her, roses and lace. 
Our hearts are in love, they speak perfect mime, we are made to survive the time.
I'll keep turning my attention to her because we can only hear our own bells chime.

Ringing our voices together, living upon the writing of the words of our love song.
Spending our days harvasting the sun, for our lips to touch is all we long.
The ache of wanting to be your all, to fully visualize our portraits painted as one,
darling, love of my life, your pen writes today into my life, the past a setting sun.

I whisper her name across the stars, and love to hear back only her reply.
There will always be the place we have founded that only she and I can spy.
The multitude of angles that my eyes may rest upon her leal are infinite.
When we sing the same words in our song all things seem fit.

Mine my heart for a nugget of gold, search my thoughts for your right.
I live my life to provide for you all the things that make love seem right.
As each day makes it's way across the sky I love to crave our reason why.
You are my rising sun, there is no way I'll change my story, even the cry.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes