Chronological Harmonics::Steal the Show
Upon the wind I hear you whisper, or is it whalesong from below.
I hold my breath so I can hear exactly what it is that you know.
I discern all I can with you so our day is filled with fun a la mode.
Tell me all I need to grasp so I am able to help carry your load.

Your love reflects from every living plant and animal you grace.
Squirrels trill, caress your ankles, amuse you with prose and embrace.
I am but another creature totally fascinated with the way you move.
The sensations I feel watching you steal the show, will only improve.

Sometimes I feel as if I'm someone else, perhaps a great collector.
My favorite person I really love to be is my dashing darling's protector.
I know my dote must love me because we share our self completely.
She owns me heart and soul, I gave all my toll, to kiss her palm sweetly.

Happiness upon consistency, the way I live my life, do you dare to agree?
You are the smile in my heart, the sparkle in my eye, the swing in my tree.
Kingbirds gather each tress of your hair, upon your crown they wrap it fair.
Hamsters tie ribbons to your blouse, each curled into a heart with loving care.

Light strikes my eyes but I do not wonder, I do not feel love for myself.
One glimpse of you dancing in the valley, feet upon grass, I'm off my shelf.
I'm not going to disturb the moment, not until the beauty of your prom is done.
Only when the shifting of the souls brings our voice together will I become one.

The stage lights dim, your troupe defuses, each into a contrastive pose.
Music crescendos then is still, you step forward, fold your arms into repose.
All eyes upon you, the show is through, thunderous applause is all you.
I am stunned by your beauty, motivated to change, wish for us to be true.

My blue sky baby, here's dancing turtles and a circling eagle for your calling.
Be nature, woman, take my eyes, weave them in your braids, cause I'm falling.
Caught in your orbit, your charm the gravity, ruby lips the horizon that I chase.
You focus my desire, a magnifying glass, your looks tighten my eyes embrace.

My ambition aches for your voice, it's sound a signal that all is clear.
Our relationship so sheer that they see nothing but the moon as they peer.
Wave upon wave crashes our beach eroding the rock into silky sands.
Where we could have been we'll never know, as we interlock our hands.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes