Chronological Harmonics::Sharing Places

No other woman can get close to me save you.
You have me eating out of your hand if you coo.
Does it surprise you that I often fawn your being?
It's fun kicking back sharing places with our seeing.

Your breath is a forest, warm voice with the trees
cool touch of sunshine, sweet kiss of the bees.
The style of your groove is timeless for the mind.
The love in your move leaves me curious and kind.

You carry the clean memory of the mirror with mascara lash.
Into any of your cluster of friends you dive with little splash.
Like a jet I can climb aboard your scene and just fly away.
Look into my eyes, hear the story, fathom what I will convey.

The mystery of love dances around us like a flame.
Gleaning direction from the flitter for you I am tame.
Feelings are nurtured, some are for keeps, others go fast.
I base the self upon a sensitivity to our survival forecast.

Life let's me feel good if I beg for your love, my pearl.
Like a baby crying I need us to share breath my girl.
I "chose" to live within your lifelines like a chain reaction.
I am the freedom of carrying your name with every action.

You are the wind that softly stirs chimes into choral arrays.
The deer and otter gather round to enjoy how your spirit plays.
You walk so softly that only you can feel where you have been.
Life opens up for you with such intensity, I love to share our grin.

Across the world our eyes have sights to see.
From as far away as we have cameras gravity free.
Please keep my heart as your companion my dear.
Make all the excuses to keep me upon your sphere.

I explore the girth and height of you, writing it down.
Using what is heard as a measurement for your gown.
I hope my love is a key for winding our spring together.
I'm on the carpet begging for more of your posh weather. 

All my life I thought I was standing for what real love could be.
And I keep finding myself being shared for purposes I can not see.
The reason to pick up my feet is the hope that our love is blue skies.
You must be here with me in spirit, so that together we can be wise.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes