Chronological Harmonics::Pulled Like Weeds
Waiting for silence within my mind, someone nervous what they will find.
Does someone think we're the same? like we all play in the same game?
One downpour of rain and we all stop. with no way of knowing who is top.
Water from the sky and we can't fly, flap our arms until she says we're dry.

Looking, trying to find some thing, someone nervous about what I will sing.
I live to break out of his scheme. what fish can live in an dry bed stream?
I fan feathers hoping to catch her eye, what men do if they don't have to fly.
I live my life with the woman I dream. On canvas our bodies painted in theme.

Most all my life I had little control, someone nervous about us becoming whole.
Each kiss brings us closer to serene, smile, our lifestyle has escaped routine.
Further romance plays out across time, welling up like a spring telling a rhyme.
Not knowing we are at the height of our lives, already aboard the bus that arrives.

We are so strong, our love doesn't bend, someone nervous now I have a friend.
My deepest secret upon her fingertips, untie the knots of script with sealed lips.
What is wanted as I'm pulled like weeds, disembodied voices without any deeds.
Look around, her plot is now bare, the gardener had in mind a crop far too rare.

Everyone has differences, work it out, someone nervous I don't live in their doubt.
Skating circles, reuniting our good mind, something beautiful for us to be kind.
I think that I've played this song instead, every word is here and has been said.
What to say to ducks flying from lakes, are you sure your flying isn't a mistake?

Hold on to love, that is all that will be, someone nervous they can't rob my glee.
I climb upon the stage and dance, I grab my baby and we swing big romance.
I can't believe how much I need my flower, gaze upon her in vision hour upon hour.
My dashing love great dressed in white, another dance if she would be so polite?

Always hear about controlling the past, someone nervous that they told the cast.
I wake up to a new day, conscious clean, I can remember while still remaining serene.
I have that someone special that I recall, her I think when I feel like I am going to fall.
I'm aware of her when things are going right, I pause a second when she's first in sight.

Is life fantasy or fiction? Sure goes fast. someone nervous that the routine won't last.
I love my life overflowing with her nature, pretty, nice and cozy, plus mannerly mature.
Infinite are the feelings I have for my beauty, I cherish my belonging and sense of duty.
When I was young this talk wasn't around, now I won't stop until I've built cupcake a town.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes