Chronological Harmonics::Into Our Future
If I can take better care of our love please let me know.
I worry that I am not able to fly on the energy plateau.
The truth hurts baby and I am on the floor crying for you.
With just one step we are walking into our future debut.

I'm confident merging my life with you is so ultra right.
I love so very much to keep you in my mind's second sight.
Like a peek at your aura when I walk upon your proud land.
Always remember my love that my heart is yours to command.

The woman of my dreams steps into my world so free.
The cool breeze of her ocean brushed throughout my plea.
Soothing all who notice with a wind from the top of her mind.
Relaxes into the pendulum swing of the bit advances of mankind.

She is real alright as her voiceovers pull tangles from my hair.
My favorite feeling in the world is her whisper that which I wear.
I'm so careful with the things I think and the things I say.
Because it's all for my baby so she has that special place to play.

I know it's been said a thousand times but here it is one more.
I want my love of you to take flight and fly out of our open door.
I'll give and then give some more until I have none left save you.
Then rest to store up more so all of your dreams can come true.

I keep trying to be in the moment so we can feel free and alive.
So many variables must be adjusted to insure that we survive.
In the mosaic of all lifetimes we are both just pretty little tiles.
The beauty of the color of our emotions evolve as we meld styles.

We yearn for the people with whom we want to express feelings.
The dance of reflex continues on deep into the night under ceilings.
All across the globe following the setting of the sun begins the twist.
As the night advances ancestors fade leaving chastity to be kissed.

It's that peace of mind dream we live envisioning the perfect life. 
Living the day so we can relax and know all things as man and wife.
Hearing what we want to hear from the world regardless of the ado.
Smile pretty girl because I love you from here to eternity come true.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes