Chronological Harmonics::Fresh Salad Greens
I am made to wear many different masks as I live throughout the day
I don't like to be in a position where you aren't the dame I would play.
I feel sorry when railroaded into a clash, I leave you with but frowns.
Sometimes I don't have the peace to sort you from the many pronouns.

I make out that I cannot confide in you at all, like our future is crumpled paper.
But our relationship certainly has formed much like the dipping of a taper.
With every dunk into the wax, although painful, out we come, all the rage.
In the grandest of all candlesticks we burn our wicks, lighting our stage.

Send me sweet love in an email, pressing the keys of your name with fingertips.
I hide in the outline of your heart-throb skin, obstructing the census like an eclipse.
The taste we have aquired for each other teases to the depth of our being to fulfill.
You hold my voucher darling, let me read it, all my love shared with you, even still.  

In my pursuit of serenity and grace I stumbled upon your beauty, forever met.
Those around me seemed opposed, an ox leering at a princess, best to forget.
Like the flower I could not, I ache for you, for your willingness to impart emotion.
All the doors of my house are ever open to you, distill the wrath, calm my ocean.

My love of you, my flower, my orange, my butterfly, is for us conquer our fear.
What fright have I not noticed as I continue to face this world with a note of cheer?
I continue to want you to be behind me in all of the things that at least I must do.
What worth I am to you I can but ponder, as we unroll our lives all pretend through.

Vintage feelings drift about in every marketplace around this vast world.
Break out of this updraft of mental embarrassment, no more psychic swirled.
Maybe you need sugar, or fresh salad greens, out the door is freedom my girl.
Before this day is done may you happen across for each ear a frosted pearl.

Fair weather, they come to market in droves, each asking for a better price
To my love it goes, the deal is done, the day is won, sometimes life is nice.
You have seen me though so many hard times with the grace of your being.
You might not know how much I care that it's you my heart has been seeing.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes