Chronological Harmonics::Fair and Square
Trying so hard to keep upright,     staying focused on what's in sight.
Like a baby in my lover's lap,       I'm trying to get back onto the map.
Is there a way I can grow up?      Please dear, one sip from your cup?
Darling, I am within your care,      I am in love with you fair and square.

My only chance is loving you.      I am proud of my devotion to stay true.
I don't dare keep you under glass,   I fell in love with your sense of class.
My feelings are not locked away,   it's a reasonable affair that we display.
Girl, we sure play with the mood,    Our love is known and won't conclude.

The world may be our playground.  But our lives depend on what we found.
Like when I say darling, I love you.  And we are the treasure we pursue.
Round and round our lives we spin. Graciously letting each other win.
Love is when we still try to care,     Even when all sense seems bare.

I adore your smile for each season,   and take heed of your voice of reason.
I was backwards when first sighted,   now so grateful we remain united.
It's so silly easy loving you my dish,  keeping us together is my real wish.
Let's take the slow train to paradise,  the journey will be worth the price.

Tackling the big world hand in hand,   glad we have heart to heart planned.
I could never do it without your guide,  it's no mistake that we turned the tide.
When my mind can no longer stand,   I ask something odd like, "join my band?"
One thing that makes sense,                Is to move a step away from the fence.

Just like people settle with the night,   As love draws near we leave sight.
If a good friend were to imagine us,     Only a twinkling star is left to discuss.
Doors shut and the windows close,     Night falls upon light and all repose.
We fade from view into the dreams,     Floating as a leaf upon moonlit streams.

Pinwheels in the wind, spiral eyes,     Like a child I smile, I'll win your prize.
The word of love is our fascination,      Maintaining proper communication.
Keeping the clouds in perspective,      I show and tell why I am protective.
Dust is stirred on the beaten path,      Thank you dear for dampening my wrath.

Darling, Did I say how much I care?     Loving you gives me something to share.
I did it again, right here in the song.     I said being loyal to you keeps me strong.
My desire for you remains genuine.     Pretty, so petite, is my darling sunshine.
My world turns with the love of you.       My life made sense the day you came true.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes