Chronological Harmonics::Every Which Way
Did I misplace my astral memory of you? My mind is going every which way
I'm null and void without your love,  end up just being someones stray.
Have we said all that there is to say? I used to at least think that we won.
I don't feel like giving up, I'll keep trying, I adore your name, your face, your fun.

Please let this be love, I'm trying so hard, but I've been steered totally backward.
I really hope that I've been a good voice, sometimes it's all I can do to be heard.
Is fate really trying to take our love offline? What is left after our care is gone?
Listening to voices talking to themselves, suggestions falling upon a dour yawn.

I'm not amazed by tricks, I only fall for love, you are the sweetest thing to me.
Funny the crowd already knows how it ticks, am I different? Something I see?
I can't count the times that I've had doubts, and they seem alive, not very nice.
Playing with the future because it's owned, if only the past would end up on ice.

It seems like people are played as pawns, bitter are the ways, off track the engineer.
Let me tell you something, one is enough, both within and without, my darling dear.
Even so, I have fear, like we don't belong, where is my proof, are you hiding here?
Sharing spirit together, thinking things fun, our love, it's the embodiment of cheer.

Imagine me being in love with a person, but she doesn't really know who I am.
I still feel all of the love I have for her, even if she hasn't waded where I swam.
After a time I begin to cling, though apart,  together in spirit, alliance of what is true.
Here it is, brand new, I am in love, and I cry, our dream, woman, finally got through.

Yes my love I stole you right off the screen, when you came out to do your scene.
I took your name and put it into my heart, dream after dream our deepest love unseen.
There are times when our passion is so true, I grace your white gloved hand high in dance.
Darling, you will always be my inner promise, fulfilling that urgent need for true romance.

Well am I just a fool talking to a clock? Watching the hands speed every which way.
Am I at the south pole trying to go south? You are always my darling, more than today.
What more can I give you? will it ever be enough? Do you know how many times I've cared?
The world is all pronouns compared to you, the thought of losing you makes me scared.

I'm desparate darling, please another season? I can't sleep without your smile in my heart.
I cling to my solace found in your breath and walk, the way you keep my life off the chart.
I tried to be fair to myself, let myself be free, your sweet silhouette in motion is my devotion.
None can pry my lips apart save you love, I sing for our future, breathe with your emotion.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes