Chronological Harmonics::Cattails of the City
It's the middle of summer, my darling, I'm so glad you are near.
The rivers are flowing spring sweet and the skies are elysian clear.
Time passes with peace of mind and a loving warmth of the heart.
I'll mind a beautiful play that will last days, only you can act the part .

Dear, there is always more to say, we are here and have won the day.
I feel so much of you with my hands to my heart, I hold what you say.
I will sense you from here to eternity, loving every word from your lips.
Your beauty owns me, the glint of your eyes, the curve of your hips.

The buzzing cattails of the city chase after the love that we stash.
With every touch that we partake I see a vision of your beauty in a flash.
While the world runs toward the night we too dance free from sight.
With you in my eyes and our love at the heart it's easy feeling right.

Trouble knows the way out of town, won't find much fun with us, my sweet.
We are so close that only a diamond could pry our world apart, my treat.
There's no double talk that will do, I love you for real without apparition.
Cupcake, we've got it all ironed out, the rest of our lives is our expedition.

Let's tell a story about you and I, start the day that we first learned to fly.
We were holding hands in dream, looking down at treetops from on high.
It's not when love becomes reality but rather when reality becomes love.
Forgoing the placement of snowflakes, embracing the flight of our dove.

Woman, I'm not turning back on us, I'm in this with you all of the way.
I've been pulled left and right, so I do my best to keep centered on today.
It's onward into our lives we go leaving behind our legacies for the crowd.
Clocks speed up the closer I am to you, truth not covered by the shroud.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes