Chronological Harmonics::Bedrock of Devotion
How does love get so far away? I wish our memory of each other would always stay.
It's not easy trying to be meek. I feel joy with the thought of your name, love with your physique.
It isn't life that seems unfair. It's afraid to ask what the score is, and being played for despair.
I love you with my heart and soul, and when I see you I want to prance about like a newborn foal.
How many tears can I cry? I will keep counting because I love you and glady renew our supply.
Who is a man without emotion? How can you stay in love without living upon a bedrock of devotion?
My smile is real for you, love. I've lived on both sides of town, I'll never try to fool you my dove.
My life is open for you to see, sometimes I get teased about this or that but you I like to be.

Move my hands, I love to convey, they wring for you my darling, washing the dishes as I obey.
These feet I walk in your name, the steps they take lead me ever closer to my love, my dame.
The footprints that I leave behind, they slowly unwind, soon no trace is left where I used to mind.
The way I am travelling at present, happy thoughts are my gift to you, I'm yours one hundred percent.

In one wink of your eye I bloom.  A sway of your hip and I leave my mind and join your perfume.
A glimpse of your petite hands. I remain submissive and ignore prompts that ask for demands.
The tiniest smile of your lips, and I'm no longer responsive to outside influence, I follow no scripts.
A call of your beautiful voice, I'm up and out of my chair, totally aware, so long ago I made my choice.

The sun's last glint at eventide, watching the lightbeams play upon your skin, my chest swells with pride.
Venus reflects within your eyes, your beauty is the foundation of my heart, and I know that you are wise.
The belt of orion upon your hips, star studded sash, my eyes on instinct fasten to your luscious deep red lips.
Northern lights whisper overhead, singing our song of love, drawing us ever near to joyous tears wed.

I've poured my life into your lap, no place to go so I merge with your life,  I'm inked upon your map.
Desperate for a hint of care, I crave your voice, beauty, and elegance all combined into none can compare.
I feel you standing within me, guiding my every move with love and devotion, finally setting me free.
We share voice, hands and feet, upon the Earth we orbit the sun together, in love our lives complete.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes