Chronological Harmonics::Baby Oil
Didn't I tell you that I love you, aren't I still willing to try.
Today is not tomorrow, kiss away my doubt, let me baby cry.
My tears pour down, amazed that we share love, soft as baby oil.
Your spirit touch is my healing, hovers near my eyes like an estoile.

Didn't know I was going to fall in love those many years ago.
You think we win the moment when our spirits merge and glow?
Surely lightning struck me the day that my eyes beheld your visage.
If you hadn't spoken I would have thought that you were a mirage.

Didn't feel a single thing wrong with the way that I adored you.
You've glided into my life like an angel in white satin come true.
Fulfilling the need to coddle and protect you makes me feel whole.
The persistance of our belonging marries our being into one soul.

Didn't think that I could ever realize you more than I already do.
But here you are welling up from my heart making everything new.
Emotions move across my spirit, dancing within like the northern lights.
I've learned from you we always take our love upward to greater heights.

Didn't you know that it's me who lets you walk by while still feeling free.
Yes I love you and want the scent of your hair, but I hush my sorry plea.
Only the best, and when I kneel before you, I am sure it will lead to "I do".
If this is my road you know I'll walk it with you, hand in hand, life anew.

Didn't see it coming, the way I love you more, your winks to my intuition.
There is a dance between our hearts, the song plays forever, our tradition.
The spark between us arcs for miles as our need for comfort is won.
Assurance is your middle name, darling, I never feel like I am outdone.

Didn't have a reason to smile before our dreams began to intertwine.
Asleep I sense you, reach out, touch, like we were coupled by a vine.
In our dream embrace we could merge our spirit into one unified being.
Motivation so bright, I see spots after having completed with our agreeing.

Didn't dare deny this love we have grown upon the shambles of the past.
I feel so good knowing that we are building something that will always last.
I try my best to hold your esteem within the lovesong of my singing heart.
Everyday I wake up thinking of you, I cling to our moments, our best part.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes