Pesky asteroids could prove a real thorn in the side of mankind. We need to find a way to control them pronto!

Well how about steering them like a bicycle?

Bolt a truss off the highest point along an asteriod's current rotation, on it's equator. The strength of the asteroid at location is more important than overall height. The location needs to be exactly along the equator of the asteroid because the asteriod is already turning and we will use that to our advantage.

Mount a pair of ion thrusters to the ends of the trusses, leverage, and start speeding up the asteriod's rotation. Balance the load by moving the thusters along the truss. Greater truss length will speed up the process but could also cause breakage.

Once your asteriod is spinning nicely drill a hole in the north and south pole deep enough to provide good stability. Mount and brace a long axle in each hole. Place a gear and bearing on the end of the axle, place a unit on the gear that will keep the unit steady, not rotating, use solar power or anything to keep the unit steady.

Mount an ion thruster on each unit, use the thrusters to turn the asteriod like a bicycle wheel.

Turning asteroids away from planets and colonies

2012 Brian L Hughes