Apricot Tangle::Warm Ways

A beautiful love like this has no room for the cold ways of the world
Those young year thoughts were thrown like darts into bar room walls
Was there somebody trying to force me into circular mazes? I donít know
Now itís all about your warmth upon my heart, and the quiet afterglow 

Oh the times when I just canít say to myself someone else is right
But I just have to dump those pans of recipes that went wrong
Follow direction, heed advice, admit that I have gone astray
Better believe youíll see me running home to the darling I belong

Following the course of a dream that meanders like a river
Recalling the feeling, climbing stairs, crossing bridges
Wanting the sense of being near, experiencing what is you
Your voice, the scent of your body, secure and very true

An energy that we share, the dynamic that we generate
Eleven time zones away lightning between our fingertips
The roar of storms upon these ancient cleansed beaches
All is forgiven, old doubt set aside, love kissed cheeks


Here I am upholding the beauty of flowers
Iím flying about inspecting like a bumblebee
You are the cutest thing with a buzz for tomorrow
I love to hover near the bouquet of your sweater

© 2011 Brian L Hughes


© 2011 Brian L Hughes