Apricot Tangle::Sweet Berry Smile

Raspberries ripe at the store, look, Iíve bought galore
Home with the sweet taste of many gentle smooshing fruits 
My hopes I write them down hear love leap from my call
To share life with you, spinning round, round until we fall

Movies to watch and hear, your favorites I keep near
My theatre vibrant with sounds that soothe the outside sphere
In my scenes you are alive and well, delivering lines that delight us
To care for you, wish we could always ride the same bus

Itís all been written before;   I wonít treat you like a chore
Thereís advice, itís not some kind of stylized falling rain      
   With every step you take,  I what I experience is fun
No blinding prediction, you are no trophy to be won


Iíve heard it before but still I sing
Have to choose a few times to wear the ring
As you wear it white diamonds gleam
So your sweet berry smile is theme

© 2011 Brian L Hughes


© 2011 Brian L Hughes