Apricot Tangle::Pretty Gears

I like the nature talk sheís walking, making tracks with her pretty gears
I breathe the sound of her talking to put an end to my childhood fears
My ear can taste each rise of her chest, a dreamerís dream of loving play
Itís the warmth I love the best, unaware of night drifting into day  

My mind wandered right into you, itís time to share love, feel what we do
The big adventure all coming true, one more look into your eyes right on cue  

The simple things sheíll wear, plain gold loops pierce each lobe
Into the bath she takes my breath with the parting of her robe
A warm smile from relaxed lips touch from yards distant
Sheís got it all for me, not a single regret is consistent

I hope my way is always appealing. Itís time to share love, floor to ceiling
Times ripe, stuck like glue, one more look into your eyes right on cue  

Exchanging gifts curbing want, and wanting the whole thing extended
Love isnít something you take, itís beginning again when youíre ended
Shapes and curves that sing in my heart, places to be with lots of grinning
Because love is more than spinning, itís giving up the chance of always winning.
Scratch of your hand on my surface, itís time to share love, like a bedroom kiss
Letís walk the darkened path as a crew, one more look into your eyes right on cue

© 2011 Brian L Hughes


© 2011 Brian L Hughes