Apricot Tangle::Little Braids

Light pink and blue with eyes to write home about
Iím leaning all over you because I always do  
I love caring for these million strings attached
Each set of little braids is perfectly matched

I love to care putting flowers in your hair
Red kiss on your mug warm welcome hug
Fresh weeds picked as gift like a boy and girl
When we are intact we fashion a tiny coy pearl

Your smooching lips meet mine for awhile
Itís like nothing we had planned
A good chance to feel love face to face 
Instead of wishing upon a star deep in space

We live to see spring to changing into to summer
Along the way there will be days with rainbows
I can deal with the time spent until we are together
I love you for who you are, beauty changing like the weather

Berry juice all over one sleeve and cake upon my chin
Can I talk you into playing dress up as dessert again?
There is so much to how we live and feel
What we count and the gains we will reveal


I know life is a little bit at a time
And sometimes arriving late is just a glance
But you are what I adore so itís fine
When we catch a moment Ö letís romance

© 2011 Brian L Hughes


© 2011 Brian L Hughes