Apricot Tangle::How I Think I Should Feel

Symbols surround us, helping to decide, baby your basics turns the tide
No factory can make you, there isn’t a guide. I won’t hide my feelings this time.

I hunger for the world around me, like strawberry crème crepes with drizzled caramel
Your beauty sustained in moments, antique park bench in a full length dress breezy swell

It’s not what I think I want, more like what I deal. I need how I think I should feel
I want you to ride on winds, swim the oceans, bake the desert, and turn the wheel

Strengthen trust like tree roots searching water, winds of doubt lost in gloom
An ocean wave crests, pounding the beach to chase toes retreats back to the foam

All things open in plain view, so great, the way things keep going on their own
Oh a wish, and a wish comes true, wanting the possible making it easy with you

Agile toes and twisting bodies orbit with the moon dance about the Earth
Happy feeling free, smiling sassy, bare chassis, for now the only way to be

© 2011 Brian L Hughes


© 2011 Brian L Hughes