Apricot Tangle::Fresh Debonair

Open the curtains. Let in the sun. You are the one that I love.
Crack the window. Feel the air; earth fresh with your debonair.
There is more to our love than meets the eye
Our names we use to express trust and confide

Iíll start the water. Letís have tea. My understanding of you seems clear. 
Hope the mugs arenít too obscure, darling, our smiles have been my cure. 
There is more to our love than words describe
Our names are accepted throughout the tribe

Wasnít all you, wasnít all me, combined efforts keep the fire toasty
I want you near, lips to meet, in all our love I feel complete
There is more to our life when we strive
Our names more bold as we survive


Falling untwisting de-curling lengths of hair drifting to your derriere
Slow motion spring of locks bouncing there accent dainty things you wear

© 2011 Brian L Hughes


© 2011 Brian L Hughes