Apricot Tangle::Fluff the Afternoon
Walk to the stop and stop to walk
Stop with the talk and walk to stop
Opening the door to a warm house
Shutting out a cold winter night

Look at the time and stop to listen
Stop and listen and listen to the time
Closing the door to a cool house
Shutting out the desert hot day

Keep to my own and own to keep
Own what is deep and sweep what I own
In your direction pillows in my eyes
I so hope that you feel beautiful

hope to see and see what to hope
Be what you hope and hope what you be
Sit on down and rest those legs
Sun will set so love life forever


You know Iím glad that this road is so long
And the rain can just fall right through this song
There would be nothing to see without shadow in the light
Youíre still as beautiful when things arenít right

© 2011 Brian L Hughes


© 2011 Brian L Hughes