Apricot Tangle::Duckling Disarray

Happy to start off caring for the ones I love
Is a load Iím bearing and my arms are not young
Still a smile I can wear with comfort in sight
As I maintain my distance between risquť and right

Oh life is confusing when people throw their voice
I donít know who is talking and it isnít by choice
I suppose a measure of faith will be my only guide
When it seems as if you have broken up my pride

Ah the days of summer looking out of frozen glass
Wishing for warm sun instead of winterís sass
Help is on the way I scream as loud as Iím able
ďItís cold here tooĒ nickers the horse in the stable

Spring was on its way a couple months ago
Another welcome day will see this winter go
Itís not like Iím complaining of the bitter blight
But my hope begins fading when the sun turns night

Not another story of duckling disarray!
Iíve had my fill of tales of love that sway
Iím here I try to care seeing through the haze
We can cross to the other side let it be and graze

The timekeeper is king of the growing season
Love you are queen and the guide of my reason
I am a grafted grape start from an ancient vine
The truth of our love hidden deep in design

© 2011 Brian L Hughes


© 2011 Brian L Hughes