Apricot Tangle::Bear With Me
Above the words is the feeling of the thing
Keeping the inner ear buzzing to the swing
No reason to change, why re-arrange, 
Songs are center stage and played for tomorrow

It started out witty like slapstick
Paid a complement to the love of my life, be my wife.
Itís time to trace affection to the source
Attend to the engagement that has just now bloomed

How can I put this without stepping on some toes?
Canít we be grown up or itís true that no one knows.
That woman has my attention, no time to make a deal
Iím faltering and altering, turning the great big wheel

Love is what I call you in the middle of the rain
Goes beyond systematic reactions in the brain
Hope is being able to trust yourself not to overreact
When world beyond the eyes is cold and without tact


I am little behind, bear with me, if the sun is up then its day
Your beauty is totally astounding, outside is a spring bouquet
May this song be humble, I enjoy singing it
Let the words just drift on by

© 2011 Brian L Hughes


© 2011 Brian L Hughes