Apricot Tangle::Apricot Tangle
There is a trace of love in the air
Not much but still it is there
It may not be what you were hoping
But sure helps when want is moping

Ladybug in red, pretty she flies
No stories to tell, just easy on the eyes
Life keeps living well beyond my cry
Your spirit lends me hope so now I try

Beetles and bees following your bangle
Silken steps lead to the apricot tangle
Orangey velvet sweet with drops of nectar
White blossom flare for the bee collector

The day wears thin, the trace of love glimmers
We more than imagine it, in vision it shimmers
Silhouettes of energy sharing the same face
Warm smiles in lightning leap across space

Happiness is when we share heart to feeling
When we feel its right from floor to ceiling
To be honest and not withholding to the very day
Here is my guitar for your ballet

I need to remember you when Iím on the go
In the middle of life feel our little glow
Every honest thought that we trust is right
Woman, you are more to me than eyesight

© 2011 Brian L Hughes


© 2011 Brian L Hughes